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Bulgari x Benetti Yachts

How can a brand like Bulgari continue to build brand equity?

Bulgari is a brand known for its daring and innovative creations. To optimize experiential trends in hospitality, a ten-year plan was created to increase brand equity for Bulgari by collaborating with Benetti Yachts, a brand that aligns with Bulgari's heritage and purpose.

A Yacht at Sea
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Why Benetti Yachts?

Bulgari's collaboration with Benetti Yachts is rooted in their shared Italian heritage and commitment to excellence. This partnership aims to provide a luxurious cruising experience that seamlessly combines quality and onboard comfort with an eco-friendly ethos. By aligning with Benetti, the global leader in megayacht construction and a pioneer in sustainable yachting practices, Bulgari expands its brand association through a new revenue stream and reinforces its dedication to sustainability. Emphasizing that "sustainability starts with our cutting-edge hybrid technologies," Benetti curates a widespread desire for an eco-conscious lifestyle, offering innovative solutions to decrease fuel and energy consumption in the yachting industry.


Process Book

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