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How do we determine where to expand in a global market?

Our team worked with the fragrance brand, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, to find a new market for the brand to emerge in.

Developing a Strategy

Through careful research into the brand's key factors and aims, we found that Maison Francis Kurkdjian was looking to emerge in Asia with their own boutiques. After research into different countries and cities, we chose to expand in Shanghai, China.

There were a few existing wholesale locations within China offering the brand, though there were no stores of their own in the market.

Shanghai, China

The market in Shanghai is very promising due to an interest in fragrance notes that Maison Francis Kurkdjian offers, as well as a large luxury sector in the city. Shanghai sees a large tourism scene, but also a large local scene. This allows us to access both segments of our core customers.

From here, we designed the store catered to a localized nature to implement the culture with key Maison Francis Kurkdjian design factors. Our store is located on Huaihai Road, with a large glass storefront and natural, light design features.

Getting the Word Out

Alongside our store expansion, we also created a full promotion plan to advertise our new store. To do this, we had strategies in place for locals and tourists through multiple social media sites and in-person advertisements and events.

This includes a specialized scent only available in the Shanghai store called Cherry Blossom. This scent is only available at our location, creating an exclusive aspect drawing customers in from all across the world.

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